Expert Grill Model 910-0014 Question

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Apr 30, 2024
I just bought it used and am new to smoking. I finally found the instruction manual online but am confused about something. It has both a SMOKE mode and a COOK mode. I thought the smoke was supposed to come from the pellets while cooking so that's my first confusion. I'm able to set the temperature on cook mode but not smoke mode, although there is a button while in smoke mode to set the smoke amount, which also apparently causes the smoking (their words) temperature to be 165-195degrees depending on desired smoke level. How do you use this? A butt would never get done at those temperatures would it and it would take a loooong time too, wouldn't it? Or is it for some meats that have a lower finished temperature than a pork butt? The instructions don't explain why to use this/give suggestions and I can't find a phone number or email address to contact Expert Grill. TIA.
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The highest levels of smoke are when the pellets ignite in a bit cooler burn pot temperature. Pretty much the same as a wood burner in a manner of speaking when you had fresh wood..
Before PID controllers, temperature swings were quite large so you did not need smoke mode as much.
You would use SMOKE mode when you start, usually a couple hours, but your preference.
Low temp and low fan speed produces the smoke.
Then switch to COOK mode.
In COOK mode it would be a higher temp and fan speed, which produces little smoke.
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Makes sense z06 man. Only thing is, I can't see getting the meat up to 140 degrees in 4 hours that way so why would they even bother with making that setting?
Others will chime in but I believe the 140º in 4 hours is for compromised meat. If the pork butt has the bone removed then yes get it to 140 in 4. If you are smoking a whole bone in pork butt or full packer brisket and have NOT injected, it's not an issue so smoke away at the lower temp / higher smoke setting for two hours then crank up the temp. I usually run butts around 250-260º and always do full briskets at 275º.
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