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lover of meat

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Jan 14, 2017
Hello my fellow Carnasieurs!

New to smoking started in August with my electric Masterbuilt 30 with Bluetooth connectivity. So far with good success I have smoked pork shoulders & loins, eye rounds, chuck roasts(love those chuckies) and a turkey.
After countless hours and hours of reading threads on this mystical meat and today as I type this I step into the "Brisket Zone" ! [emoji]128549[/emoji]( top gun danger zone playing in the. Ack ground HA HA)
This is what I have gone with 6 lb brisket in a foil pan at 250 cook temp water tray half filled using a wet marinade of "brown sugar & Bourbon" using JD Bourbon barrel chips on the 2nd rack fat side up all the decisions I went with were all in an attempt to keep the meat moist for the final cut in the end I'm shooting for an IT of 203-205 then I will pull and rest in double wrapped foil for about 2 hours fingers crossed! [emoji]128591[/emoji][emoji]127995[/emoji][emoji]128513[/emoji]
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The good news is it turned out great ends a little dry but middles pull apart soft and juicy! Bad news I forgot to take pics but I can tell you there was some beautiful bark and the taste was restaurant quality! [emoji]128170[/emoji][emoji]127995[/emoji][emoji]128514[/emoji]
Welcome Lover! 
 glad to have you with us!  We all tend to get a little excited around her also ! 
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