ET-73 mod. (antenna tube) ?

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  1. Getting everything together to modify my ET-73........the post and mods. I have read the folks used an "Antenna Tube" to slip over the antenna wire to keep it straight and for looks.....the few places I have looked to buy one they just give me this blank stare and say they have never heard of such a thing....!!! Any ideas where I can purchase one.....think I'm going to have to look up the original post and PM them to get info.....! Thanks......Thought Radio Shack carried everything...!!!

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  3. Radio Shack used to carry everything, and had people who new what that stuff was. Now, if it doesn't hook up to a computer, good luck having someone who works there know what you are looking for. Sorry for the rant.

    Anyways, go to a hobby shop you have locally that sells R/C car/planes and ask for something like this It is a very common thing.

  4. Thanks for the info guys.....gonna let my fingers do the walking this time and call first.....!!!

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    You can find them at any hobbie shop where r/c cars are sold.
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    You got that right, I am also a ham operator, and they got there name from selling the equipment, they don't even know what one is any more
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    Radio shack is turning into a cell phone store. They sell very littel of what they once did. I am a electronic tech, and find that often if I stop by there looking for this part or that one they often have not even heard of it, or simply do not carry it there.
    One time I was looking for a logic gate, it was a 14 pin, the guy it the store said they didn't have any, but had other chips that looked like it,(14 pins) and ask me if they would work?? lol
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    I used small heat shrink tubing

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