Electro-Pneumatic "Pee" Shooter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by geek with fire, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. geek with fire

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    Due to the potential that my automation projects have on pi$$ing off the purists, I've aptly codenamed this project the "Pee" shooter. As stated in another thread, I'm working on an automatic spritzer so that the smoking chamber can be left closed during a long smoke; reducing heat and smoke loss.

    I'll basically have a small chamber that will contain the liquid, pressurized by a compressor or pump. An exit hose will feed to a solenoid valve, and lastly into a misting nozzle. The computer will open and close the solenoid valve as needed to add humidity to the smoking chamber.

    Here's the initial protype. It's small, but if my math is correct, it should hold about a pint of fluid, which I think is enough to start. I pressure tested it tonight with 40 PSI. Held up pretty well; no visible leaks. Once I get the nozzle, I'll have a better idea if what kind of pressure I need to get a good mist.

    Anyhow, here's a picture. The side quick connect is for the compressor. The top screw on cap is for loading the tube with the liquid. The bottom side of the tube has a ball valve and a barb for the hose. More to come later:
  2. mossymo

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    Geek with Fire
    Awesome idea, and I thought I had too much time on my hands !!!

    I honestly think you are going to revolutionize smoking so even an unknowledgable microwave user can smoke !!!

    Now you need to spritz with wintergreen (Can never add too much extra taste to smoked chewing gum !!!).
  3. squeezy

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    What will our Geek think of next?
  4. richtee

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    Geek... perhaps the thing could be slightly simplified with an air "capacitor" or a charged air can instead of a compressor connection. Maybe a chunk of 4" pipe a couple foot long with a tire air valve on one end, threaded onto the delivery stick.

    Well, I guess yer gonna have control wires anyway... eh, I dunno. Mind's just wandering.
  5. kookie

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    Cool idea. I for one liked you computerized smoker. But then hell I think half the fun is making something better then it was when I got it.

  6. gramason

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    Good idea, it would be nice not to open the lid to spritz.
  7. shawnr5

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    For your solenoid, you can use a sprinkler valve. You can use it with the electric solenoid or modify it to use with an air trigger. How about a series of valves to meter your 'charge' of spritzing liquid and air and then a valve to fire and atomize it. An alternative might be to use some 'misting' nozzles in the smoking chamber and a sprinkler valve to control the flow of liquid to them. You could plumb it like a regular mister system, using copper line instead of PVC. I'd be afraid of the PVC outgassing. The mister systems around here only require normal water pressure. You can pick up a guage at Home Depot or Lowes to screw onto a spigot and show you what your pressure is, for reference purposes. When finished, you'll probably want to unscrew all of the mister nozzles, soak them and flush the system with hot soapy water and rinse it clean. Why not make some hoses to screw into the holes for the misters so that you can flush the system into a bucket, instead of into your smoke chamber.?
  8. goat

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    Geek, you can get everything you need at a Tractor Supply store or most any farm store. You can get a 12 V pump with a pressure switch for about $100. Also 12 V solenoids and spray nozzles.
  9. smokeys my pet

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    Good idea Geek and hope all comes together for ya!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. smokincowboy

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    Man Geek I have trouble getting on the net and going to check my email
  11. richoso1

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    Geek, you prove that there is science in smokin', it's guys like you that can bring some folks to the forefront of Q"ing. I can only imagine what you could come up with if you had more time... congrats my friend.
  12. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great idea Geek! Way to go![​IMG]
  13. Any update on this?

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