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Electric WSMish

Dave Bonar

Joined May 7, 2019
While I know it is heresy I love my MES30. I can get great tasting food and the level of attention needed is perfect. But it is in Georgia and I'm halfway around the world in Korea. So the idea of the smoker build appears!

Mostly I was thinking of building an MES replacement. Inkbird ITC-100VH controlling a replacement electric stove eye. That part works fine (after the failed attempt to use cartridge heaters) but building a box has turned out to be surprisingly hard. I have woodworking tools but wood is expensive and hard to acquire here. I have some scrap sheet metal that would work but I don't have any tools for making a box from sheet metal. I tried a cardboard Alton Brown style smoker with reflective aluminum tape on much of the inside but flare ups were too much for it.

Then I found an old Weber 18" grill. So the new idea is to put the burner into the bottom with a heat diffuser and go from there. Since I haven't found a great search function on the forum (I'm probably overlooking it) I'll ask a couple of questions.

What is the advantage of a tall stock pot stage? Does it improve the smoke flow or is it only there to give the ability to have multiple racks?

Are there any hidden gotchas in electrifying a Weber kettle?

Has anyone used a stackable steamer instead of a stock pot? While they aren't as tall I have found that they are much cheaper when dealing with an 18" grill. 6" depth won't fit a turkey but it's going to cover practically everything I smoke otherwise especially when combined with the domed lid.

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