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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by gclark, May 31, 2015.

  1. I started putting together my new smokehouse that is targeted to be used for cold and sausage temp smoking.  I was originally thinking I would do propane, but after seeing a couple of electric builds with pids and amnps I believe that's the path I am going now.

    It is being built from 2x4 and plan to be covered with T&G Pine.  I have thought about insulating it but not sure that will be required.  The base sits at 36x24 and 6' walls.  I am building it so I can have slide out shelves, not really sure for the reason yet.

    This was the start from last weekend.  I am putting vents top and bottom - there will be 2 uppers and 2 lowers to control air flow.

    Not much down this weekend as other responsibilities came up, but I was able to get the rafters on and finish some framing.  My daughter found it important to class up my smoker pics (her playhouse currently).

    I planned on insulating the firebox section so there would be no heat loss below and I am starting to wonder if I should insulate the upper section as well.  If I do I was thinking so sort of sheet metal for the interior with the wool insulation covered by the t&g pine.

    Well hopefully I can make some more decisions this week so I can plan for my next steps.

    Ideas / thoughts always welcome from the pros out there.

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    Looks like a great start I used concrete backer board inside mine to insulate it somewhat and also make cleaning easy
  3. I have thought about using that,  as well as sheet metal or plywood sheathing.  Not sure where I will end up, but need to try and figure it out.  Then also need to figure out the insulation material or if it is even needed.  Air gap seems to be a decent insulator and the big plus its free.

  4. I got a good deal on some pine from a local saw mill here in town.  So I am wrapping the inside and out and will put foam board in between for insulation.

    Lumber  1x8x10 @ $4 a piece (rough sawn)

    Here is the internal all completed, now just need to get some insulation and close this beast in.

  5. I need to put up some additional photos.  I am almost done with closing this in.  I just need to add the doors and trim.   So I started thinking about the PID setup.  I put together a drawing of how I believe this should be wired together based on what I could find on this site and others.  If anyone has any additional thoughts or tell me I am doing it all wrong that would be greatly appreciated.

    This is based off of the SYL-2352P


    I read one post on here, don't remember who it was.  But it discussed setting up another PID in series that would then control the second PID.  The reason for this was if the temps got out of hand the first one would catch it (in a scenario where one SSR went bad).  I thought about doing that, but for the meat temperature, so once the temps hit 150-152 it shuts down the PID running the heating element.  I saw that Auberins has a dual probe PID, but I kind of like the idea of a second PID controlling the first one.  Maybe that is a terrible idea and I am open to other thoughts / suggestions.


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    Do a search on Dward, PID should bring up everything you are looking for.
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    Wow this looks great.  I'd love to build something like this and just slot my MES into it. 

  8. Finally finished, just need to build the PID.
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    That looks nice! With a PID, a little heat, and some smoke, you'll be rocking!

    Looking forward to the trial run!

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