Electric Homemade, redneck looking and low cost.....

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Original poster
Feb 1, 2011
New to Everything and helped by all of you guys...  Thanx for all help and suggestion for future improvement...


at the beginning


1953 International harvester found at junkyard....


the interior...


starting to taking everuthing out...



the outside shell


the inside after welding all holes shut and installing bars for rack...

Holes for chimney, Bradley smoke generator and bottom draft (made from home grill duck and grill )


after installing some aluminium to cover everything inside


oops I forgot to say that I filled everything with ROXUL...


everything is riveted together, and did some spray paint test....


added a broiling element from a kitchen oven ( 2500 W I think ) working on 240 V but modified my way !!!


I used the control from the Oven and I used all new wires...  I splitted 2 wire (from different breaker) and joined them into one wire to feed my element...  I could give more info if you need to....


The control box with breaker and temperature dial for inside temperature of the smoker....  


Final appereance with paint...


took some wood stove rope to close the gap all around the door..


paint job....

Okay, so here is my project....  1953 international harvester fridge found at the junkyark, bradley smoke generator, oven broiling element for heating ( I get it up to 450 F in 20 minutes) all at really low cost but lots of labor  and lots of research.  Please give me you feedback about what you think and I would be glad to help anyone to finish his project by showing mine...  Sorry for the English writing, I am canadian french...

Hope it helps you....
Nice looking build for sure. Wow 450 in 20 min is impressive but most of us here are smoking in the low to mid 200's.  You could also get an AMNS and do some cold smoking in that unit . Looks like you are in for some fun
Nice job!!! Great looking build! I got a old frigde in my shop that i keep waiting for it to die....but since my grandmother bought it brand new and its still running good after 40 yrs...odds are that i'll be waiting along time!!!!lol
I was just saying that I can get it to 450 F in 20 minutes...  It was just a test...  I cook at around 200F all the time.  It keeps its heat good ( just like a kitchen oven)  And the smoker is great for cold smoking as well, I just don't use the electric element and It make PERFECT cheese !
Very nice.

Thanks for the post!!

Nice! Building a '55 IH into a charcoal smoker myself, I love how stout these things are.

Really awesome paint job as well.

Any reason you went with the Bradley generator?
Great job overall especially on the control.

So are you saying you can you can smoke low and slow around 225⁰ for hours and kick it up to 375⁰ to finish off or crisp up bacon or skin?

Is it 110 or 220 volt?
Thanks for your compliment...  It is working on 220 volts but I use two input of 110 volt to make it work.  I cook at 225 all the time but it is a good idea to finish it at 375 ish...  I made some pork tenderloin last weekend, WOW !!!  I had 4 people over for supper and 4 tenderloin was not enough...  So perfect !!
Congrats, nice looking smoker, great research and craftsmanship, ambient to 450° in 20 minutes, that my friend, is what we call in the drag racing world, "a sleeper!"

Congrats, nice looking smoker, great research and craftsmanship, ambient to 450° in 20 minutes, that my friend, is what we call in the drag racing world, "a sleeper!"

I can see it now, theres going to be a whole new level to achieve. 

LOL Holding a beer and saying hey man I bet my smoker gets hot faster then yours!!!!!!!! 

Very nice job on the conversion, the paint is way cool. 
Nothing redneck looking there at all.... great job! Looks like you did a great job putting all that together and  have the results to prove it!
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