Egg Recall

Discussion in 'Food Safety' started by bbally, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Pandemonium - now that I have my screen cleaned and my keyboard dried off, I am back to liking you - That is some funny chit you posted my friend - Once the ASNER ( Accute Spontandous Nasal Reflex) has cleaned up I am still laughin  
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    Scar I didnt know I was on your S list? ohh well cant please everyone lol glad you laughed[​IMG]
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    I am looking this up now, but I am sure the food code does not allow this[​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. princess

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    It never hurts to give your eggs a quick wash (soap & water) and store them in something other than the tray you got them in.  Anything icky on the outside of an egg can get to the insides when you cack it.

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    If you are the nervous type use Egg Beaters. They are pasteurized, with zero fat and zero cholesterol. They make one godawful deviled egg though...

    Oh, and don't bother about that taste thing. If you want to believe they taste bad they will. I'll trade being taken off cholesterol reducing meds for a little real egg flavor any day.

    By the way, the same goes for vegan mayonnaise. It tastes fine once you get past the "it's vegan - must be crap" mindset. I think it actually performs better in a lot of recipes. 
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    I don't bash ***** *****. I bash some of his practices, like brining pork belly with salt & no cure for 3 days. Then cold smoking it for 5 to 7 hours, and calling it Bacon That just plain is not safe, and anyone who tells others that it is safe deserves to be bashed. If that happens to be ***** *****---So be it. (Xin Loi)

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  7. chefrob

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    not sure if it is available to the public but there are also pasturized whole eggs in the shell.
  8. pineywoods

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    People Jeff has said he does not want people called out on this site therefore maybe correct the procedure but lets leave out the names. Lets also remember this is a family friendly site.
  9. princess

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    I can get them at my grocery store, but they are 3 to 4 times the price what I pay to Buy Local.  If I were making hollandaise sauce or caesar dressing, I might spring for the extra?

  10. coffee_junkie

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    I grow my own eggs, and feel safe to eat them runny, in fact I can't stand eggs from the grocery store now. But I always wash the eggs with dawn dish detergent and place them in the fridge immediately. My prayers go out to the people whom are sick from the bad eggs.

    I am with Jeff on this one, I don't think it is our duty to call anybody out on there food safety practices. But I also see why some would, when you are a public figure your actions are scrutinized, that is just plain fact.
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    The only time you were on my list is when I was wiping the screen and keyboard off and the fact that you made me waste good vodka [​IMG]
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    he's lying.......don't believe him!

    gary is too cheep to spring for good vodka! [​IMG]
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    gary's my name too and yes i am also i too cheap for the good stuff[​IMG]
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    Great Post Jeff, I have eatin eggs over easy for over 40 Yrs! It's just my way; I challenge anyone to name anything the GOV has set as a standard and actually worked? How did people survive before Big Brother?   [​IMG]
  15. princess

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    I'd say the FDA works. I would be very concerned about our food without it. Tragedies like this one would be far more common if farmers weren't forced to spend money on making food safer.

    It's all about responsibility.  If farmers followed FDA regulation *to the letter* instead of cutting corners just to cut costs, then things like this wouldn't happen. Know your farmer. Know how he/she treats her chickens. If you don't know where your food came from, then you take the risk of not knowing whether or not that farm is producing food products that are safe to eat.

    I love my soft poached eggs, but I didn't feel comfortable eating them when I was pregnant. I simply did not trust it enough. I have to be responsible too.

  16. smokingohiobutcher

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    Dude I am so glad you are back!  YOU are the MAN!

  17. diesel

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      I have been sick for the last week and a half.  I ate the batter of some brownie mix that my wife was making.  I have done this since I was a kid and never got sick.  I will probably still do it but not for some time.

    Not sure if I have Salmonella?  I have had the symptoms and it is pretty bad.  I plan on going to the doc if it doesn't clear up in the next few days.  I cannot lie, it has been pretty rough and I have missed some days of work. 

    Based on the recall information the eggs we have are not included.  We usually by them fresh local from a farmer down the road from the house but my wife went to a store and picked them up this time.  

    As for Alton,  I will have to watch some of his shows to catch up.  I do use his method on "dry aging" steak.  It works pretty good and have done it several times. 

    This has been a good read and I enjoy that fact that everyone can debate a topic like this and still go back to helping one another in the wonderful world of smoking meat. 

    Oh ya.. and even after getting sick I don't think I will ever stop licking the batter from home made brownies.  : )
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  18. eman

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    between 1/2 and 3/4 BILLION eggs recalled now.
  19. princess

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    Jack DeCoster's name needs to go down in history as the Man of A Half A Billion Eggs... What a total jerk.
  20. pineywoods

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    If and I say if some of the reports I've read about that one farm are correct its amazing that it was still allowed to operate. I think a big part of the problem is too many agencies and none of them seem to do the job. Supposedly the last time the USDA inspector was there he didn't inspect anything because there was another USDA inspector there but he was only there to inspect one particular thing and he didn't look at anything else then of course the FDA is supposed to inspect the facilities but they hadn't been there in quite awhile because they claim they don't have the resources to inspect them all like they are supposed to. Sounds like lots of blaming the other person or agency with none of them actually doing their job and of course the farm itself being the biggest part of the problem

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