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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mulepackin, May 27, 2008.

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    I've reviewed all the threads and links I can find on here related to this topic, and still have a couple questions. First, one of the listed (and I strongly agree) problems is ash accumulation. The mods I've seen show perforating the coal pan to allow more air through, but then show a segregation of the coals away from the holes. This all makes sense to me from the airflow stand point, but I'm not seeing how its allowing ashes to fall through or be removed. Am I missing something? My plan is to put an expanded metal basket into the perforated pan, let the coals sit above and hope the ashes fall through the holes in the basket and then the pan. My next question is, is it worth sealing the lid with a little wood stove gasket material? Mine is the type where the lid fits kind of loosely into the body and I think alot of heat and smoke is lost here. If I go to the trouble of installing some dampers, shouldn't they be allowed to do their job? Finally a use question, sure to be controversial, use liquid in water pan or not, or no pan at all? I'm sure much of this has been discussed before but I'm just not finding it.
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    Here is a thread I started a while back regarding the water pan dilemma:

    The consensus is you don't need to fill it with anything but water, or sand, to help regulate the temps in the smoker.

    Walking Dude has documented many mods made to his ECBs ... either he, or others, will be along shortly to help with the other questions you've got.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the quick reply Sumo. That thread pretty well covers that issue for me. Looks like you've been down this road too.
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    Absolutely been down that road, and a few others that are well traveled. You did good by asking the question so you can have a successful smoke [​IMG] .

    Glad to have helped out!
  5. Being new to this forum I see the mods people have done and think they are pretty cool.But having been around ECB's for years I am happy with mine unmodded because I learned to use it that way, if I change anything I will have to learn again.Everyone on this board has great ideas and and they are willing to share it which is great in any hobby.Pool all those together and find what works for you and stick to it.I fill mine in the am full o charcoal and that gets me through 95% of the time(weather permitting). I use not so dry wood for the first few hours too get the TBS flavor then more seasoned wood to maintain the heat on stubborn days usually mill end oak.On my butts when I foil em up I refill the water pan and stoke the coals while I have the top off(only time the top comes off if no fatties:).Look at your coals when you are done put some water to them and see how much of the briquets are left for the time and temp that you were smokin.That works for me a good meat thermometer helps too . Good luck
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    Well said, ChrispyB! I think the stock ECB does good work. The one mod that I really like is reversing the legs on the cheap model so you can check/add to the firepan.

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