Easy Dino success

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Dude, chili, really?
Chili is for when you under or over cook something and need to save a disaster.
Unless of course you use hamburger..

My buddy will smoke a brisky and use freeze portions for chili and beef stroganoff every year. Guess it depends on how much you like chili but I personally love a smoked meat chili.

P.s. my disaster answer is putting it in a crock pot =)
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I've learned from some of the fine folks here that smoking patients is definitely a virtue. Turns out it's easier than expected. Fired up the smoker, did a light trim of excess fat, loaded on the 50/50 salt & pepper and into the smoker on low for 2 hours. Afterwards bumped it up to 275º and ran some errands. Got back 5 hours later and added some more pellets. At 7 hours in the pull back had occurred and they probed tender all over. Waited another 15-20 minutes then pulled to rest open on counter while the IT dropped 5º followed by wrapping tight in foil and into a 165º oven for the next hour & half. Results: very tender, juicy and great flavor! So, very little fussing, let the smoker do it's thing and you'll be rewarded. Nice thing, there is only two of us so the remaining 2 ribs are vac'ed and in the freezer waiting to be used in chili. :emoji_wink:

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Great job on the dino ribs!!! They are my favorite of all BBQ out there :D
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