East Coast Tri Tip

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Jan 16, 2010
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Like many here on the east coast I could only imagine what its like as all the west coast cookers are posting their Tri Tip QViews. This past summer while on vacation we stopped in at a local butcher shop. There they were, Tri Tip roasts.
 . Of all my travels and looking we find Tri Tip in Northern Michigan. We had room in our little RV Freezer for 2 roasts and since we always try to do something new of New Years day, in August we were already planning New Years Day.

I coated the roast with some Lawry's and Citizen Kane steak seasoning that I picked up on a business trip to St. Louis.

Put in on the smoker with Hickory and Cherry wood at 240 until the internal temp hit 110. I then moved it to a preheated porpane grill to sear it. I pulled if off the grill at around 123 ~ 125 (we like it on the rare side) and let it rest for what seemed like hours but was about 20 minutes then carefully cut it across the grain on both sides.

I have to tell you I now know what you guys on the west side rave about. This was simply nothing short of fantastic. I'm so looking forward to cooking the 2nd one and then I guess I'll have to go through withdrawals.
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