Early delivery!!!

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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
So, last word I got from my wife was that my cg smokin pro would be here tomorrow. What she didn't tell me was that when she checked the tracking on it yesterday the delivery date got pushed up. So when I get home and walk to my door, sitting there patiently for me is my new baby. Needless to say I was elated
. Anyhow, I just came on to get a parts list for my mods and go shopping, I gotta get me my furnace cement, dryer vent, hose clamp and thermometers. I think thats everything... Well, Gotta run, daylights burnin!

P.S. If anyone's interested, I'm gonna post a step by step tutorial for my mods and possibly assembly with the extra steps concerning the furnace cement. I like what meowey did with sealing everything before tightening them down to prevent air leaks. I might have to follow suit.
Great news! Mine actually arrived 2 days before the original projected shipping date.

What will be the first smoke in the new baby?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Congratulations Brennan, good idea on doing the mods up front. Afterwards you can season it real nice. I'll be looking forward to the mod updates.
Assembly complete...mostly. I still need to drill the holes for the thermometer mod. The smoker didn't come with a warmer tray so I'll need to fill the holes in, no big deal. I did take pix but no step by step assembly info...I did, however, do a quick step by step pictoral on how I did the chimney expansion. I'll post that in a seperate thread, I'm too tired to post them right now. I didn't even get started putting her together til about 8:30. But, now, all the bolts are tight, grates are in the kitchen waiting seasoning, and I need to find a 7/8" drill bit for my thermometers.
Oh yeah, I'm not sure that it counts for anything but if it works for Q it should work for smoker assembly. Anyhow, I made sure to play Johnny Cash while putting together my smoker...Also gave it a blood offering...Damned ash catcher is sharp.
Stainless steel 1/4-20 nuts and bolts work great...
I got a hole saw from Lowes... I couldn't find a drill bit that big!

BTW, are you going to install a permanent baffle, or flip the tray for now...?
Yeah, I'm thinking a hole saw would work best too. A friend from work told me a step bit would work too.

I'm still not sure about the baffle, I'm already pissing my wife off with all the extra stuff I'm doing to my smoker. I just tell her
she won't be complaining when she's stuffing her face with all the goodies I'm gonna make on this thing. I'll probably just flip the tray for now o act as a baffle. If i read corectly I put it on the highest peg on the right (sfb) side and lowest on the left side?
Yeah, that will work. When I first tried it, I hung it level... it worked well that way too. I noticed an increase in fuel useage, so be forwarned... you may experience that too.

Good luck!
So, would I just have to flip it over or should I flip and flatten as Gypsy reccommends? I'd still like the option to use it as a grill if I need to.
If you are gonna use it as a grill also, then I wouldn't mess with flattening it. I would however, think about getting a piece of flat sheet metal to hang in its place. That way, you can customize it anyway you like and you still have your charcoal tray in tact.

Just a thought...
Ohh, I see.

The CG has a charcoal grate welded on the inside of the arc, so flattening it might be a chore. I kinda like my hanging sheet metal in its place idea though...
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