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DTG smoke #5 - Brisket w/Pineapple juice


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Okay, ladies and gents, time for more smoking!  If you remember correctly, my last smoke was a wild success.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about it here:


This time, I wanted to try something different, but not too different.  I wanted to use pineapple juice.  I pulled my 13lb packer out of the bottom drawer of the fridge, and guess what?  Yep, it was frozen.  So, my lovely wife volunteered to go get me a new one.  :-)

Wal-Mart was out, because there is apparently a "season" for smoking in Texas.  LOL.  So she went to HEB and got this:

Yes, that's the wrapper already in the trash.  The meat didn't exactly look top-notch, and I couldn't even tell what grade it was.  I didn't need to trim the cap, because it was almost nonexistent.

I made a quick rub with pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and some of that Southwest Montreal steak seasoning.

My charcoal maze is fun, but I'll be taking out the dividers from here on out.  The fact that there is always new charcoal smoldering makes for a very smokey smoke.  It's best to consolidate it in a small pile and add fuel IMHO.  Keeps the smoke thin and usually no smoke at all.

My smoker, now with a three gauge setup!

Here is what I'm using from now on.  I don't like that Royal something lump, because there are too many small pieces that just burn up right away.  Stubbs lasts forever in comparison.  Once the meat is foiled, i finish off with wood, since the smoke at that point doesn't matter.

All set up and ready with more probes stuck in it than the average redneck abducted by aliens.


Time for some pumpkin carving...

And the original, never been done before, results are in!  Happy Halloween!

Okay, back to business.  This is at the half way point.  So far, I've been spritzing it every hour or so. (it's a brisket, there doesn't have to be any science to it.)  Using half water, half pineapple juice.  From what I've read from the pros, I'm not expecting much difference to be honest.

I foiled it at 165*.  After I wrapped it in foil, i poked a hole in the top, and dumped about 1/4 cup of my pineapple mixture in there.

And...............the final product!!!

Man, it smelled good.

Even better ring than last time.

I made it this far with a razor-sharp Boker, but even that keen edge of stainless 440C was no match for the tenderness.  LOL, it was starting to fall apart!!

I don't know how to cut this part, but i love just ripping it open.

I'm trying to get the camera in close enough so maybe you guys can smell it.

In closing, I don't know if the pineapple juice did anything or not.  You can taste a hint of the cayenne pepper, and it gives it a perfect bite.  In all honesty, it's not only the best brisket I've smoked so far..........it's seriously the best brisket I've ever had!

Suck it, Bill Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joined Oct 3, 2013
It looks great! Brisket is my favorite and my nemisis. What you have there looks like nirvana.


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