Double Drum Smoker

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Smoke Blower
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Aug 18, 2013
Well i built this smoker last summer. i love the smoker but have since found out i use a ton of fuel when smoking all day. im sure im losing way to much heat out of the firebox. so do i line the firebox with bricks or should i just wrap the barrel in a high temp welding blanket. Another option is to ditch the lower drum and put a wood stove under it. id sure appreciate some feedback. 
Hello.  The answer to each option is yes...  Each will improve the fuel consumption but it's the nature of the horizontal barrel smoker.  Especially built using another barrel as the fire box.  Those type barrel smokers are cheap to build and work well but that thin metal dissipates heat so rapidly you are bound to use a lot of fuel.  Wish I could offer more help.  Good luck.

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