Don't forget what Friday is, ahem!

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Actually,  This is more of a reminder to myself to take some time away from the smoker and do something for the Mrs.  I might actually make some chocolate covered strawberries for her.  Wonder how they would taste smoked?  Just kidding.
.. Just kidding.
Are you? 
Let's see-this Friday is Pay day which makes it Mutha's day (pay this mutha-pay that mutha) and Poets Day (Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday!!) :biggrin:

Oh wait-Valentine's Day! (Slap palm to forehead) That will explain the coupon from the Florist Shop that Ma D taped to my rearview mirror!!! Thanks for the reminder ya Old Goat! :biggrin:
card bought ,flowers ordered, fancy dinner out booked. the things I do so I can go mountain biking with my friends on Saturday
This may sound bad on my part but I can't think of anyone who would have the empathy this group woul have so here it goes:

I have a tendency of outspending my wife on gift giving ocassions. I don't mind. It's worth it. She's been wanting a dslr camera for a while now so for valentines day I was going to get her a lower end one, still around $500. So I'm on amazon looking at them and I get an email on my phone from a website I frequent for bbq supplies for "5% off today only". I've been eyeing up a bbq guru digiQ since I got the smoker and had the money but it's for the wife's camera.

Long story short, she's not getting the camera but the DigiQ came in the mail today just as I was leaving for work!!!

I'm not a total d--k, I did go on her Pinterest board of things she wants and ordered her a few of the things she had listed.

There's always her birthday in June for the camera.. Right? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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