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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hillbilly jeff, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Going to be doing a whole chicken and was looking for some tips.  I did my first smoke today on a pork loin.  Got it just a touch too done for my liking, but it was still juicy.

    I get the idea of soaking overnight in a brine, but can one still do a beercan with it too?  Do I need a special rack to do the beer can?  Should I use the water pan with water, or would something else in it be better?

    And lastly, what cooking temp does everyone like?  It seems to me 275 looks like the winning number.

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    Jeff , hello from Ohio. Please enter your location in the "My Profile" so we can call you neighbor[​IMG]

    The Yardbird , well, your choice of most any-way , BC method doesn't really need the Brining 'IMHO' ... you don't need a fancy holder , you can use any liquid you want ( a lot of the Guys use Alcohol of some kind ) , and again your choice of heat as well , 275*F is the lowest I would     go 'IMHO' .( I like the 300*F range). Mainly and for safety sake , use a "calibrated" thermometer ...

    Hope you have fun and as always . . .

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