DOH! I went and did it

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OK, so here's the write-up.

Ground a brisket this morning.
So, part of it was for burgers (5 oz.), and was a good time to test the new toy.

Pretty happy with it. Only 2 complaints.
First one is the papers. The holes in them lets grease get on lower platen an makes removing the pattie a little harder.
If solid, I suspect they would slide off eazy peazy.

Second complaint is about me. Haha
I forgot all about the button on the side.
You press the button and the lower platen drops down, leaving room for the meat ball to have plenty of clearance with the upper platen.,
You can see in pic 2 I was pressing them down so the upper platen would clear when it swings over.

After realizing the error of my ways, I'm very happy with it.
Just have to some Googling to find solid 5" round patty papers.
The "round" part might be the challenge.

Will check tomorrow. Gotta get the other brisket ready for tonight's trip to the smoker.

Burgers 2024-05-30_1.jpg

Here's where the idiot (me) was smashing a bit so upper platen would clear.
Burgers 2024-05-30_2.jpg
Burgers 2024-05-30_3.jpg
Burgers 2024-05-30_4.jpg
Burgers 2024-05-30_5.jpg
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Forgot to mention "really easy to use".
The one this is replacing needed a lot of pressure to do the job.
This is so easy with that long arm. Very little pressure needed to form the patty.
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