Does any one know how to add the ceramic coating like thus used on the Weber pits to metals and what

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  1. Hi all. [​IMG],

    Just so you know I'm a smiley kind of dude when I don't have my own pics to share [​IMG]...

    In any case I was just wondering if any one here knows how weber coats the kettle style pits w/the ceramit coating?  I was thinking it might be nice to be able to do this for other builds outside of BBQ'n as well. [​IMG]   I'm all american born and raised and would like to be able to apply the ceramic coating to more than just my BBQ modifications [​IMG]

    If any one has any ideas or knows how it can be done I'm all ears, eyes and or willing to trade secrets for secrets ;)

    Thank you for stopping by,

    N2 BBQ
  2. I know this question is a bit old, but I'll comment none the less. Possibly try a high temp engine and/or exhaust manifold/header paint. They usually have ceramic in them and cure with heat. I've seen 500, 550, 1200 and 2000 degree versions. VHT and Dupli-Color manufacturer of some of them. Another high temp and oil resistance coating is Gyptol. They use it on the inside of performance built engines because of it's durability and sealing characteristics. I certainly would not use anything on the inside of my fire box, BBQ or smoker but you can make the outside a lasting pretty.

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    N2 BBQ..........what I "think" Weber uses is a powder coating. I have powder coated some BBQ parts that were not in or part of the fire box on a couple of builds. I asked about powder coating and the 2 people I asked both thought that Weber uses a high temp powder in their process. Something to ponder........


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