Dino ribs anyone

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Aug 12, 2019
northern NJ
So i was a BJ's wholesale club to do my regular supply run, bought some chicken thighs and legs, and a few other things
I was walking by one of the fridges and saw the Dino ribs. they told me to buy them, how could I say no.

looked up a pork rub.
did a quick smoke just 3 hours.

didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, wasn't getting a lot of smoke.
was able to make a decent broth from the drippings.

all done.
They look like Country Style Ribs. I struggle with those!
You have to cook them a bit longer depending on which 'country cut' it is.

The 2 that resemble pork chops could be great just like a grilled chop. The ones with blade bones cut from the shoulder need to be cooked like chunks of butt (because that's what they are)

I don't mind a somewhat chewy grilled country rib once in a while if they are thin, but I really prefer them low and slow.
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