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Digit Q vs Flame boss

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by buckaholic84, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. buckaholic84

    buckaholic84 Fire Starter

    I've been smoking for around 3 or 4 years now. I started with a Masterbuilt propane smoker. It bit the dust last fall. My wife got me a WSM 22 for Xmas. I've done a couple smokes on it so far and both turned out great. (chicken and baby backs)

    The baby backs it held perfect around 225 for almost all the cook. So I don't feel like I really need a ATC. I would love to have one for long cooks like brisket and pork butt.

    I was planning on getting the digit Q since that's close to as much as I want to spend but now I see the flame boss 200 is only 50 or 60 bucks more. The main difference I see between the 2 is the WiFi and variable speed fan on the flame boss. I don't really need the WiFi as I have a maverick 732. but it would be nice to not have 2 probes to monitor grate temp.

    I'm torn as to which one I should get. Has anyone used both or either that has pros and cons of each unit. Thanks
  2. Gwanger

    Gwanger Smoking Fanatic

    buckaholic, I have been trying to get some of the experts to cut loose with some input on the flame boss and am still waiting,as far as my research has led me to favor the flame boss with complaints toward bbq gurus failing to follow up on buyers problems with their units. there is more info on youtube.
  3. buckaholic84

    buckaholic84 Fire Starter

    thanks for the reply....customer service was one thing I was concerned about....flame boss is much newer the gurus so couldn't find quite as much info on them as the gurus...I'll have to search YouTube more as I'm planning to buy one of the two when I get my tax return
  4. nhurianek

    nhurianek Newbie

    I had the same struggle deciding on which one to get. Ended up going with the cyberQ and its been awesome so far. Only issues so far were I ordered 2 extra pit probes instead of meat probes, they switched them out right away, and I pushed the damper closed twice when I meant to open it more. Works great through all the different interfaces (phone, web and Alexa). I don't think you could go wrong with either but I chose the CyberQ since it had more features that I liked.
  5. Gwanger

    Gwanger Smoking Fanatic


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