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    Hello! I just finished my 5th attempt at curing and smoking my own bacon. My first attempt went great because I used an online recipe. My second attempt was terrible because I tried making my own recipe (I didn't use any sugar). My third attempt was slightly better than my second, but still very salty. My 4th attempt was terrific. I used a 1:1 salt to Brown sugar ratio, then used pecan for smoking.

    Now for the most recent attempt. This time I used 2 curing methods. The first was a dry cure of my own recipe. The second was a Wiltshire cure. I used the recipe at http://www.thepauperedchef.com/2010...s-and-how-to-make-proper-british-rashers.html for the brine, however I used half apple juice. I flipped the belly in the brine every other day and the dry cure every day.

    After a week both were cured. I rinsed them both off and patted them dry, then let them sit uncover in the fridge for 12 hours. As an experiment I cut the Wiltshire belly in half and cooked it in the oven at 225F for 4 hours. I place the other half as well as the dry cure in the smoker at woof for 4 hours as well. I used pecan wood for smoke.

    This is the end result.
    Here is the front and back of the dry cure. It's probably my best bacon yet. I can taste hints of all the spices I used. It isn't too salty and has a nice smoky taste.
    Here is the front and bacon of the oven cooked Wiltshire cure. It doesn't have any strong flavors but is still very good. I surprisingly didn't miss the smoke flavor.
    Here is the front and back of the smoked Wiltshire cure. This one shocked my the most. While it still tasted great with no strong flavors, I think that the smoke actually took away from it. But I may make it again and use a lighter smoke like alder.

    I welcome any tips, suggestions or questions.
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    I can't really help you, because I always cold smoke my bacon. I figure your going to fry it anyway, so why cook it ahead of time.


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