Difference between Venison and Lamb Summer Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by chuck white, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. This past weekend  I cleaned all the venison out of my frezzer to get ready for a new batch.

    I seasoned, stuffed and smoked about 10# pounds and took some to work today.  On of the guys I work with has 3 lambs he wants me to butcher if I can make him some summer sausage.

    What do I need to do different?

    I used 8# of venison and 2# of pork, mixed in seasoning, cure, stuffed and hung in the smoker.

    120 degrees 1     hour no smoke

    140 degrees 1     hour  w/ smoke

    160 degrees 1/2  hour  w/smoke

    Moved to the house and place in a 180 degrees oven until the internal temperature reached 156 degrees.

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    Start with smoke at 120 and bump up 10 degrees every hr and don't go over 175 until the SS IT reaches 154. Set in cold water bath to cool for a few minutes then hang to bloom... Why the need to go to the oven?

  3. My 110 volt hot plate has a hard time holding the temp. at 175 degrees.

    If I had 220v at the barn, I could do it.

    You just gave me another idea, I have an old food warmer that I may be able to turn into a chicken and pig roaster, by adding a smoke stack and a fire pit in the bottom.
  4. I'm about to find out how lamb will turn out in jerky and summer sausage.

    I butchered 4 100# lambs for a friend and will be cutting, grinding, and wrapping tomorrow.

    We raised about 100 lambs a year when we were in the business and did all our own buthcering, and Bob was one of the farmers I got into raising Dorper sheep before we quit.  Bob told me it was  costing him $125. each to have lambs processed.  I told him I would do it for 1/2 a lamb, since the only sheep we have left on the farm are old pets and I'm not going to pay the price of lamb at the market.

    I never realized home butchering is a lost art until last Monday as  Bob, his kids and another neighbor came over to watch in amazement.  It took about 2 hours to kill, skin, gut, split and hang the 4 lambs in Bob's garage.  

    I let you know how it turns out after tomorrow.

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