Did two smokes over the weekend.

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May 31, 2015
Fired up the OKJ that I heavily modded over the summer and converted to gas. Ribs turned out great. On Sunday one of the kettles got some action. I used the slow and sear for some pork tender loins. 
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Looks great...... What didyou use for smoke?  Must have been a great weekend ....... I should know better but all the pics on this forum make me hungry....... point
I am getting OM'd like crazy in this smoker using gas. This is a cheap junk Oklahoma Joe smoker highland model from Lowes couple years back. Holding consistent temps in it was an absolute bitch and leaked smoke everywhere and actually warped around the bolts one he firebox. I had it all welded up and now use a gas kit from gassmoker.com
Got it:  thanks.  I'm going to do the same thing to my NBBD in the spring--have the burner & needle-valved regulator (and some other goodies), just waiting for the calendar to cooperate.  6 inches of 6 inches of widow-maker snow predicted for today.  

Did you put a thermocouple or "flame-out sensor" shutoff valve on yours?  There have been some recommendations to do so.
I have double your snow and more falling right now.....it's not stopping me!!!
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