Did Our First Brisket

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Jan 14, 2017
I  got an MES model #20070311, well used, earlier this week in trade for about $50 worth of "stuff" that I was never going to use again.  The smoker wasn't supposed to be working as the owner was only too proud to show me.  Shoot, I'd never even seen an MES before.  What did I know?  I got it home and told everyone that it didn't work, but I was going to fix it!   Well that set the little woman of the house off for some unknown reason ;-) , and to add insult to injury our son poked fun at it.  So, I went outside, got an extension cord, plugged in the smoker, read the instructions and guess what?  IT WORKED!!!  There were still some "minor" issues which I overcame in the next day or two.  Thursday we put on our first brisket.  We used a cooking method that my son questioned but went along with - up to a point that Is, and that point was when I left for an MRI. 

The resulting brisket was not perfect, but it is DELICIOUS!!!  We'll make a few adjustments to our rub and smokin' method the next time.  We've even agreed on what to do...lol...a major accomplishment.  I'm didn't take any snaps of the brisket as it was it was 1/2 gone by the time that I got home.  I did take a few pics of our "new" old smoker though which I'll post.  The brisket was on the small side at 9#.  Our next one will be larger :-)

The MES was missing the drip pan in the back and outside of the smoker.  I went to order a new one, but at $29.95 I opted to look for something else.  I found that something else at Wally World for $4 - an 8" cake pan which I modified.  I'll post some photos later.  I love a bargain! 
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