Did I mention that I hate winter?

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Steve H

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Feb 18, 2018
Newark New York
Our first big storm of the year. Yuck....
I positioned the cars this way so I have most of the driveway clear for snow blowing.

A winter wonderland there, Steve. We were supposed to get some snow from this storm, but we only got some freezing rain which turned to just rain around midday. What we got was enough to shut everything down yesterday, but snow like you got would incapacitate us for at least a week. And there's no milk and bread anywhere around...🤣
Looks like ya got more then us Steve, we only got about 3 inches, but the 40mph winds made up for that.
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3" inches here in Northern Ohio. Just got done. No workout today :emoji_laughing: Don't hate it but it does get old around March. You are absolutely correct that parking is essential for the game plan. Neighbor parks real close to the garage and never needs much work on the windshield.
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Was hoping some solar radiation would soften the 1/4" crust on top. Nope, cloudy.
Look at those winds! Gonna be like the arctic tundra here today.
Probably got 4 to 9 inches here in Iowa, less and more with wind...none where the wind blew it away and about 18 inches where it got deposited. Cleared the cement in front of garage with skidloader and just drove through the rest! Feel fortunate, middle of January and the 1st time moving snow!

Man, I feel for you guys! We got 3 inches last night, I shoveled, but the temp came up and it rained. So, snows gone! I’d actually prefer to keep the snow around, wet and dreary is more depressing.
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Wish that was here. We had some storms a couple weeks back but need many more. Nothing in the forecast. :emoji_disappointed:
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We got 2-4 inches here, about 35 miles north of Atlanta. But also rain and sleet and temps below 32 most of the day yesterday and today. So travel will be rough. First snow in 4 years here. SNOW 2021.jpg SNOW 2021-2.jpg
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You get that lake effect snow by you, Long Island just got rain and my PA house got 8".

Where I live. It is hit and miss with lake effect. Sometimes it'll miss us. And slam Palmyra 9 miles away. Other times.....BOOM! lol. Which is why in the winter I leave for work earlier. In my 38 mile drive I can't predict what I'm in for.
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