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  1. I just joined today, I read some posts a few weeks ago and it inspired me to buy a brinkman offset smoker at the local Home Depot and customize it .I am from the Midwest and love BBQ. I have had propane grills and propane smokers but it seems I prefer lump and briquettes. I have a BIG GREEN EGG for smaller bbq ,I did a batch of chicken thighs and drummies for my 1st smoke on the Brinkman and they turned out perfect, when I figure out how to post pictures of the changes I made on the offset I will get them to you all!!
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    Welcome to the board! You can insert pics through the button above the message box in the same row as the text formatting buttons.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  4.                   Good Morning and hello from East Texas. Looking forward to seeing future post and pictures

    Hover over the images just above and a pop up will tell you what they do

    Gary S                                            

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    Welcome to SMF!!

    Glad you got here!!

    That name "DD Mau" caught my eye!!--------------Welcome Home Brother!

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    Welcome aboard!

    You will find friendly and helpful folks here.

    But more importantly?

    Welcome Home, Number One GI!!!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  7. Thanks Bear Im new to the SMF joined a few days ago, welcome home to you as well!!!! I need to find info on all the jargon of a forum,most of the stuff is greek to me.Any way 25th infantry CuChi in 1968 for the TET party.PTSD and cancer from agent orange will not stop DD from smoking bird and beef like a Fool!!!
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    Any time you need help, don't be afraid to give me a yell.

    I usually check my PMs a few times a day, between 8 AM & 7 PM.


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