Da Finkers

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    Ole vas vorking at da fish plant up nort in Dulut vhen he accidentally cut off all ten of his finkers.

    He vent to da emergency room in the Clinik and vhen he got dar da Norsky doctor looked at Ole and said, "Okie dokie, let's have da finkers and I'll see vhat I can do."

    Ole said, "I haven't got da finkers."

    "Vhat do you mean, you hafen't got da finkers?" he said. "Lordy- it's 2013 and Ive's got microsurgery and all kinds of incredible surgery techniques. I could hafe put dem back on and made you like new! Vhy didn't you brink da finkers?"

    Ole says........."How vas I suppose to pick dem up?"
  2. Made me laugh, is exactly how my grandfather talked.  The things I remember most about him were the he would say 'window', as in 'open der vinder', and the very occasional 'sominaBITZ' when he hurt himself or got angry.  He also was missing a finger, which he always told us grandkids was from 'trying ter catch der squirrel, so don do dat', but we were pretty sure he lost it in a press at the old Chevy plant.
  3. Very good,  My dads favorite,  When he came here he says he always called it yelly, took him years to finally say jelly. He said dam it after all those years they changed it to yam.

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