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    I built this smoker about 6 months ago, and have used it quite a bit. It holds temps great, is relatively portable considering it's weight/ size. I usually take it camping, and it only takes a few minutes to load in my truck. It has 2 grates, the bottom one is stainless rods, and the upper is seasoned/ oiled expanded steel. They measure 19 x 20, and for the Super Bowl, I smoked 8 racks of baby backs ( pic included) it held the temp very consistent. As you can see in the pics, the lower grill will slide out, as does the firebox tray. There is a shelf for the smoking wood, and air vents on both sides of the firebox.

    The only reason I want to sell this is so I can build a Clone smoker..

    Asking $500.00, local sales from San Diego area.

    jerry - 619-733-8024

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