Curve Up or Curve Down

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Aug 30, 2006
I was having a discussion with a friend and the topic of smoking ribs came up and he thinks a person ought to put the curve up on a rack to hold in the fat and moisture in and I think you should put the curve down to allow the fat to drip away. Is there a preferred method? If so, what is it?

Curve down it was. They've been in the smoker for almost 4 hours now and hopefully they'll clean off the bones easily when done.

Same here....curve down.

We had a discussion on another forum and started using letters of the alphabet to represent the rib bone --- u or n . I do mine "n" style.
n here was the way I did it. I'm stuffed and so is the company and I didn't hear one complaint. Thanks to Jeff and his great rub recipe. I believe I won't do it any different next time. It was in the mid 30's here today with light snow pellets for a little while. The meal really warmed in two ways, heat from the cooking and the warm feeling with regard to the compliments.

Thanks for your advice.

I always used the n... until the last time I smoked a batch.

I put them in the smoker the usual way "n" till the meat pulled from the bone, then I double wrapped in HD foil "u" style and put them in the oven @ 185 for two hours to finish.

The reason I put them in the oven to finish is that I had several racks I had to put on the smoker while the others were coming off. figured that once you wrap em, the oven will work just as good to finish them.

Bottom line, they were very good! but I really couldnt tell a difference from my "normal" way of cooking them. Mine have been coming out very juicy anyways, and I dont believe it makes that much of a difference, maybe if I did a batch "u" style from start to finish I might be able to figure out if there is a difference?

Just another excuse to smoke some more ribs!!! :D
I also put mine in U style once I foil and juice them. N before the foil, U after.

I followed the 3-2-1 method, well almost. I did put some apple juice on the ribs once they were in the foil. Again, they were delicious.

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