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Dec 12, 2005
Princess Anne, Md
when i smoked i usually did a salt based cure, i was smoking to not just add flavor, but to help preserve the meat, i never got around to doing any sugar curing. was ondering if anyone ever did a sugar cure prior to smoking
Roger, are you talking about dry curing before smoking or brining? Morton's has several products that you can use as a dry cure or as a brine. Check out the link. . .

Morton's Meat Cure
Roger,Earls idea about the Mortons cure will work fine for sugar curing.If you want to make your own cure I have the recipe here.This is from the Sausage Makers book.For 25 lbs. of meat.

1lb salt
1 cup powdered dextrose{corn sugar}
2/3 cup Instacure #1
5 quarts ice water

I disolve these ingreadants in the ice water and inject the hams or bacons.Using the same recipe,omitting the water,mix a dry cure and rub the meat very well with a thick layer of cure.Put in the fridge at 36 to 38 degrees for seven days then smoke.Works well for me.David
Roger,that is what is called the sugar cure.Of course you have to use salt and cure to preserve the meat.This has always came out as a superior product for me.My family loves it and I have had several repete customers so it must be pretty good.This will not taste like a sugar cured ham you buy at the store,it will taste a whole lot better in my opinion.My friends wife made the comment"you cant buy ham that good."Give it a try and see what you think,its really pretty easy,just takes some time.I always do two hams,one for Christmas and I freeze one for Easter.I must admitt you loose some quality by freezing the ham cause ham just dont freeze well.
ok since someone else opend the can of worms, i have read about curing and brining but have no idea what it is. i think i have a fair idea of it but have no idea of a long list of things.

does anyone have a link i could goto to explain it in full detail. as in what it is how it works why i would want to do it you know all the stuff.

i only ask this cause you all have been so helpfull on other questions. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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