Curing Chamber Build - Take 2

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kade kirkendall

Original poster
Nov 17, 2016
While trying to cut a fan hole in my mini-fridge curing chamber, I punctured a freon line. Oops. I picked up a new (to me), full-sized fridge on Craigslist for $30. I'll post updates on my build here.

Fridge is a little dirty. It's going to need some TLC, but this is the inside. I'm not planning to cut out the freezer floor. At least not right now. 

My first task was cutting a hole for the fan. I wanted to make sure I could accomplish this step before spent a lot of time on this fridge. It appears that all of the freon lines are in the back. They weave back and forth over the full length. I believe this is a force-air fridge, as it blows cool air into the box. I drilled a hole where I wanted the fan, and then fished around with a long nail. I didn't feel any lines or wires, so I put my hole-saw to work. No freon lines this time.


Next, I fashioned a couple of filters for the air intake and outlet holes. I chopped up a life-long HVAC filter for these. 

They came out pretty good! They are held together by rubber bands for now, but I will fasten them to the inner walls of the fridge and then the filters will slide out from the top when I need to wash them on occasion. 

More coming soon!
I'm going to follow you closely, I really want to build a curing chamber.      Looks like you are off to a good start.
Made some more progress this weekend. I decided to mount the fan on the inside to "pull" air into the chamber instead of push. I think this will help the filter to function better as it will help seal it against the fridge. I did run into an issue. I only have one outlet in my garage, and the GFCI trips when I plug my freezer and fridge into it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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