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curing and smoking ribs question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by expat smoker, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. expat smoker

    expat smoker Smoke Blower

    Hi guys.........

    I saw some of my favorite ribs in the butcher a couple of days ago and I couldn't resist buying about 4 kilos.  Not sure exactly what the American name for them is, but the meat is thick and they run into the spine of the pig.  These ribs I usually just bar b que, but I thought I'd do something different and do Pop's brine cure with some Jamaican jerk seasoning.  I cut each rack between each rib, but still left the rack intact to insure good penetration of the cure.  

    They are now sitting in a tupperware in my fridge on the 3rd dayin the brine and I'l give it 10 days total.  When I bar b q them, 

    I usually pre-boil them an hour to insure tender 'fall of the bone'meat and am wondering if I just treat them as I do most of my smokes..................225f for 2 to 3 hrs, they might be a little tough.  

    Are there any suggestions as to how I can make them tender enough to not have to use a knife and fork to eat??

    Would foiling them during the 1st part of the smoke make them tender?? and maybe a lower temp and longer smoke time

    keep them soft??

    Your suggestions appreciated...............
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  2. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  3. expat smoker

    expat smoker Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the quick reply..............

    Yeah Woodcutter, I think they are baby backs from the pics I've seen.  My butcher didn't speak English and Thais have different names for all their cuts anyway.

    I was just reading up on the 3 2 1 method and I'm puzzled why it takes 6 hrs total time to get them done, when a thicker slab of bacon is done [170 degrees] in 3 hrs??  I do have some bacon and other 'parts' that I'll smoke while doing the BBribs. 

    Now..........if I do the 3 2 1 method, it seems that I wouldn't need to use smoking wood while covered with foil, right?  Maybe just make a large foil and place all the ribs in would save some foil and time??

    I just dread all the effort and heat in removing the BBribs twice and wondering if there are any shortcuts??  In Thailand, it's still hot during the days.

    Aloha from Thailand...........
  4. No shortcuts for good BBQ !
  5. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Rib meat is tough and needs time to cook and breakdown that is why it takes 5- 6 hours. You are right about no smoke during foiling, smoke after the foiling is optional. Foiling the whole time would produce a mushy texture. You would be better off smoking your ribs the whole time without foil and after 5 hours try picking them up in the middle. If it feels like they are just about to break in half when you lift them they are done.

    You can smoke other things at the same time but you will have to time each item different. Ribs and bacon should be done separately because they should each be done at a different temp. The ribs should be smoked around 225 and that is much too hot for bacon. Ribs you want to breakdown the tough meat but bacon will render at 170 or above.
  6. expat smoker

    expat smoker Smoke Blower

    OK, got it and it does make sense as it sounds like the 3 2 1 procedure does what the pre-boiling does when I BBQ ribs??

    So, do you think I could just make a large foil bag and wrap and place all the ribs in the smoker for the 2 hrs to save a little time, foil and heat??

    And I had my mind set on a rum, brown sugar and Jamaican herb that I would paint on before the last hr??

    Thanks WC.......
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  7. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Personally I would do the 3-2-1 method. Each step does something to produce great ribs.
  8. Baby backs you want to use the 221 method. That extra hour on smoke will dry them out
  9. expat smoker

    expat smoker Smoke Blower

    2 2 1 method @ what temps?? don't want dry ribs for sure!!
  10. JckDanls 07

    JckDanls 07 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    the closer you stay at 225` the better it is... I always check mine after an hour and a half when in the foil... specially if your running a little hot... just did some today (same ribs)... they were ready to come out of foil at the 1 1/2 hr mark... temps were running 240`-250`... then I only go a half hour on the final step (1 hr back on grate)... sauce at this time if you want...