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  1. So I get this prepackaged mix and the instructions say add spices and cure to 50lbs of meat. When I open the package the packet of cure says to use contents for 45kg of meat. That's enough cure for 100lbs of meat.  I think I am going to use 5 tsp of pink salt and discard the supplied cure. Any advice?
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    How many lbs you making?

    1 tsp pink cure per every 5 lbs of meat... cure #1
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    More info needed!

    What package cure was it?

    Are the seasonings and cure in different packages? Do not add cure to anything in the package until we know what you are using?

    As nepas said, you could use the cure #1, but probably not in addition to the packaged stuff you have unless the seasonings and cure are in different packages?

    Also, seeing LBS and KGs mixed up?  It would be nice to know where you are?  Could you add your location to your profile?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  4. The mix is one package with instructions on the bag that say add spice, cure and 4 quarts water to 50lbs of meat. When I opened the package there was a second bag marked cure inside along with the spice. The package says enough cure for 45kgs meat. I plan on making 50lbs of sausage. 1kg = 2.2lbs The cure package says it contains salt, sodium nitrite and sodium bicarbonate. What bothers me is that the cure says it is enough for 45kgs which is almost 100lbs. I normally use Cure#1 in my sausage so I think I am going to use 10 tsp Cure#1 and throw away the cure package that came with the mix. I am in Saskatchewan, Canada.
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    Did it give a percent of Salt and Nitrite's?  Just curious.

    No problem if ya want to use your own #1
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    The two guys giving you advice are among  the best.  My only comment is that when I don't understand something like that I revert back to my safety zone and would just make my own mix.

    I can't understand why the outer packaging would say one thing and then the internal packaging would say another.  May be worth a call to the Manufacturer just to complain if nothing else.

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