Crown roast

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Jan 1, 2012
merto detroit, michigan
Made a pork crown roast last night. pretty much followed Jeff’s recipe except instead of using his rub I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and accent. VERY moist and full of flavor. Will definitely be doing this again.


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I haven't done this in years, either. Perfect timing, though as KJ's, a local grocery store, has whole bone-in pork loins on sale this week for 98¢/lb.
Looks delicious! I think the bones from the roast add to it's presentation.

Mmmmmm, meat!
Looks delicious, right on on getting crowned.

The bones of a crown roast for sure make its presentation, wouldn't be a crown without them.
Here's an option for you to try, in my opinion it takes the presentation up a notch or two.
Take the time to properly French the bones, i.e. clean them well, no shreds of meat left on them.
Then foil them during the cook.
The contrast between meat and bone is marked.



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