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Covid booster shot problems,

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Sorry I'm too late but I prefer a coat hanger with a crooked end.
Pull it back out and try both methods and report back which one works best for you and your hoodie lol
That was my first thought until I realized all 933 of our hangers were plastic lol


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Please don't take any medical advice from this forum - these are questions for your doctor.

That chili sounds damned good though. :emoji_laughing:
Point taken. I'm not really looking for medical advice here, just wondering what folks have heard when they sought it. I'm about 99 percent certain that if I went to my doctor and asked him, he would feel compelled to read from the approved CDC playbook.

My recipe for Texas chili calls for browning the chuck in bacon grease after cutting it into cubes. The browning imparts a nice flavor, but I'm wondering if a smokey flavor might be nice as well. If I smoke the meat, I wouldn't separately brown it.


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I Smoked some country style ribs with Hickory. Ran them for about 2 hours and then I put em in a foil pan and braised them with Stubbs Original BBQ sauce, Honey, & a stick of unsalted butter for an hour.

Winner Winner Pork CSR Dinner!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)
Did you inject them?


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So, we have two questions: 1) Do we need the booster (under 65 apparently do not); and 2) Is the booster effective; i.e., are breakthrough infections less likely or less serious for fully vaccinated people with a booster vs. fully vaccinated without?
The eligibility for the booster shots is similar to the eligibility set at the outset for the initial vaccinations starting with those individuals who are considered "most at risk", and then grading downward to those who are at lesser risk. First came those who are immunocompromised. The second segment, which we are currently in, provides eligibility for all individuals over age 65. Next, eligibility for those under 65, should be coming shortly. None of the eligibility categories are based upon individual "need".

Studies have shown that the efficacy of the original vaccines diminish over time, which, in this case, is approximately 8 months. Studies have also shown that the booster shot returns the efficacy back to levels of the initial vaccination. So, it seems apparent that a fully vaccinated individual with a booster would obviously be less at risk than a fully vaccinated individual without a booster.

Hope that answers your questions. However, I recommend that you contact your doctor first to see what he recommends based upon your own personal situation.


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I've had both pfizer shots, no side effects. My entire family, and wife's family, and all co-workers except one have all had all shots with nothing more than a sore arm.
I got the shingles vaccine in November '20. If I had felt as bad after the covid vaccine as I did after the shingles shot, I might have gone to the ER or at least urgent care. I felt like crap after both shots and missed a day of work after each. My wife spent a weekend in bed and is hesitant to get the second shingles shot ...but there is no hype about shingles so we just suffered through it.
We'll get boosters when we are eligible.


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Well folks I think this one is at the end of its rope at this point. Thanks for the good dialog. Going to lock this one for now. If you feel it needs to be open PM me and give me your reasoning.
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