Costco brisket - point AND flat

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Sep 6, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
Let me first start by saying that this is the only place I come to for smoking meat advice and you all never let me down. I seriously can't thank you enough, you're all very awesome. 

Here's the deal - I bought a 14 pound brisket to smoke for New Years and I've never done a brisket before. It's one of those cryovac ones with whole flat and point, prime cut. I've been reading and reading and watching videos on here, but I'm paranoid I'll mess this up. Should I cut it in half (for more flavor/burnt ends) right before that huge piece of a point, or is that a bad idea? I think the whole thing will fit in the smoker, but I'm not sure yet. Wouldn't the flat part be done well before the point and get too dried out if I did it as a whole? 

And what temp do you usually do it at? I need to properly plan this in order to eat around 7:00pm on NYE.

I stole this pic but this is what the brisket looks like 

Thanks in advance!!

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I'm in the same boat as you, just my second attempt at a brisket. My brother is hosting the NYE party so I have to time it properly so that I can take it off smoker a bit before we go to the party and have it resting in the cooler until ready to slice. I also want to make burnt ends with the point (can do that at my brother's) but that might be too complicated for a newbie like me. Thinking of separating the two after smoking, wrapping each individually in foil and resting in cooler. 

What I've learned so far is that when you smoke a whole packer, the point tends to keep the flat moist. Be patient, don't undercook it. Do the probe test for tenderness once IT hits 190.

Curious to know what others think.
That's a very nice looking brisket!

If it will fit in your smoker, then I would smoke it whole.

I looked at your brisket link and that looks amazing with he burnt ends, I think I'm going to try the same. Do you do a temp of 220-230? I'd assume if I cut off the point, the flat and point would cook quicker but I'm not positive of that. Trying to make sure I leave myself enough time for a 14lb brisket (pre-trimmed...not sure how much I'll cut off from fat). 

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