Correct size for FB and CC opening (120 gallon tank)

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by txsmoker76, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. txsmoker76

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    Hello all. I am building a horizontal reverse smoker out of a 120 gallon tank. I have cut the door and installed hinges. Working on racks right now, but I'm a little stumped. My FB will be 24x24x24. What would be the correct size opening for both the FB and CC?
  2. txsmoker76

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    Thank you for the info Dave. I will look at it and hopefully get an idea.
  3. 110.9 sq. inches  FB to CC opening

  4. txsmoker76

    txsmoker76 Newbie

    Thanks Gary. I used the Felton calculator and it's telling me that my stack should be about 55.3 inches long with a 4" diameter pipe. Does that sound about right?
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    Feldon's bases all it's numbers on the size of the Firebox, which is not correct....   My calculator bases the numbers on the size of the Cook Chamber...  You are better off using my calculator...
  6. No    46 "  for 4"  ,    20.6 " for 6"      29.65  for 5"         Decide what you thinks looks best on your smoker

  7. txsmoker76

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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. So am I good with the 24x24x24 size FB? I will try to post pics of the build that I have so far tonight.
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