Corned Beef to Pastrami (Includes seperating the point) w/qview

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May 30, 2009
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I hope this will help some newbies and oldbies with doing Pastrami...

Using a whole packer, begin with trimming off the fat cap...


As you take off the fat cap you will come to a spot where the fat will continue in between the point and the flat, this is where you will seperate the point once you have removed the main fat cap...


After you have trimmed of the fat cap, go back to where the point and flat meet and continue seperating the point from the flat as follows...

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Sorry folks, I've lost my patience trying over and over and over again trying to do this thread but the system just will not work!!!!!

I'll try it again later.... 
The part up to & including the third picture is fine.

Hope you can finish it sometime.


It will not let me add the rest of my pics or words.... I keep trying and it just won't do it.... I don't like this new system!!! 

(Add choice syllables here!!!!)  
I totally understand - I spent 2 hours trying to do a thread and finally gave up. Something is wrong this morning is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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