Coppa seasoned with Orange Zest, Hot Calabrian Pepper, and Wild Calabrian Fennel Seed

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  1. Coppa con la Scorza di Arancia e Peperoncino Piccante di Calabria e Finocchio  |

    Pretty straight forward here... Local Berkshire Pork (not sure what farm, but was from my towns local version of a "whole foods") cured in 2.50% Trapani Sea Salt, 0.04% Food Grade Potassium Nitrate, 0.05% Texel DCM-1, orange zest, hot Calabrian pepper powder  and flakes, and lastly Calabrian wild fennel seed.

    Cured for 14 days, and then re-rubbed with spices only, and then stuffed into a 5.5"+ beef bung cap. Aged for roughly 75 days here now, and final water activity of core 0.83.

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    Awesome colours. Smoked?
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    That looks great and should taste amazing!
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    Love the sound of that recipe Evan. It's on my to-do list
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    Looks tasty! Thanks for sharing!
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    Gorgeous hunk of meat.... Thanks ....
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    Oh my. That is a work of art, sir. Points.


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