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Just to get the juices flowing,I posted a pic of some Brown trout fillets we caught last saturday in the smoking fish section where I posted the brine recipe I use.
When I was a kid, we used to vacation @ lake Elkhart, I would have my parents take me to the Sheboygan marsh and catch bullhead in the spillway. They were as thick as tadpoles in there. I know, it sounds stupid, but is the Sheboygan marsh @ the town of Sheboygan? And where is Montello?
You know I have been stuck in the Sheboygan Marsh waiting for some stubborn coon dogs to come out and remember it is somewhere near sheboygan but cant remember exactly where.Montello is about 60 miles north of Madison.2 long hours each way to the lake :( :( :(
There's an old saying down this way that goes "When the winds from the east, the fish bite least. When the winds from the west, the fish bite best."

Sounds like a universal truth.
That's not really just a saying. It's due to the fact that the only time the wind comes from the east is when a low pressure system is moving through, and fish are generally less active under low barometric pressure. There are always other determining factors as well, but it's a pretty good general rule of thumb.

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