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May 12, 2013
Newark on Trent, United Kingdom.
Hello all.  I just watched a DD&D show on BBQ places.  Was a "fairly" new one for the U.K. but probably couple years old for the folks in the States.  This person ( not Guy ) was saying he is smoking a rack of ribs at 225 for 12 hours.  Now I won't argue methods of foil or no foil but if you can't smoke a rack of ribs in 6-8 hrs., give it up!  What are the other 4-6 hrs. for?  They spout so much CR$$ on these shows makes me wonder what we can believe, if anything.  Another good one is low and slow wagyu brisket.  WHY???  The whole purpose of low and slow is to make a cheap cut of beef REALLY excellent, tender and tasty.  Wagyu beef is expensive BECAUSE it is extremely tender.  Kind of like buying prime rib and grinding it for sausage or hamburger.  These yoyos are making a fortune selling the public a pig in a poke.  Am I way off here folks or do others find this to be true?  Rant over.
    Keep smokin!

Guy has a good shtick! $8 Mil a year and says anything, right or wrong. There are a few BBQ DDD episodes and there are a lot of Time/Temp statements that make no sense. There is one on Western Kentucky BBQ'd Mutton, small cuts smoked for something like 18 hours at 250°F. Guy starts pulling the meat to sample and it looks like he is trying to Pull Jerky!
 He goes on about how tender and juicy it is...Yeah Right!
  OK Chef!  For that kind of money, guess I'd say smoked fip flop was good.  I CAN be had; guess now all that is left is to agree the price.  I know they have names for my sort of people.  

OMG!!!!!  NOW I just saw pulled pork made with liquid smoke and baked covered in the oven!!  I'm not sure I am  that cheap! No more!  Can't even get 1 good idea off a show.

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OMG!!!!!  NOW I just saw pulled pork made with liquid smoke and baked covered in the oven!!  I'm not sure I am  that cheap! No more!  Can't even get 1 good idea off a show.

Ok , I was with you until that last post. :biggrin: before I got my WSM , I regularly made very nice pulled pork in my oven and it did contain liquid smoke. I don't do that anymore , but it is not unthinkable.
Now , I liked guy fieri for the first few seasons of DD&D , but I think lately his a$$ has gone right to his head. In general , I don't watch as much food network as I used to , but I still tune in now & then and I manage to find a good idea sometimes. I know you were just kidding , so I'm not flaming you , brother. Just sayin......:sausage:
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I would do pulled pork for some of the local shooting club league dinners, and everyone loved it, and asked to take some of the leftovers with them. When I moved to my new place I didn't have a place for the smoker set up yet and one of them asked me to make pulled pork. I seasoned it the same way and did it in a 22Qt electric roaster with some LS and then pulled and put back in the roaster seasoned a bit more. They never knew the difference, all said it was fantastic and the leftovers were gone.

I now have smokers able to be used, but it can be done, used and electric smoker so there was no smoke ring.

I like to watch the shows, they sometimes give you some ideas, and for times and temps well we just have to know what is going on.
Point taken folks.  The "Don't knock it till you try it" comes to mind  I stand corrected!  May even have to give that a try on a rainy winter weekend here in England.  Thanks for the tips; and yes I too still watch and get a good idea now and then.  Keep Smokin!

I'm in Sacramento, Calif and he did a show on a local joint called "The Squeeze In". 

Kinda unique for melting the chheese to crispy, gooeyness.  But is was just a burger, nothing special.  Now they seem to be a local chain/franchise?

Guys' "Tex Wasabi" restaurant was crap and now changed to "Johnny Garlics".  Still sounds like same management, so why bother...
Ive been watching DD&D to pick up some rub recipes, some look quite good, and wrote the ingredients down, but they didn't mention measures,  searched through the tv show site on A&E came up with a few that looked similar, but nothing exactly, should have written down the name of what they were cooking, would have made searching the site much easier.  Got a series record set on the DVR hoping I can catch them again, so I can write down the name of the recipes,  unless others have found them already.
Hello Gary my friend.  That is why I am going to the fridge build.  Totally sealed unit and rain if it wants to.  England is like the south Texas oil patch.  That isn't rain, it's liquid sunshine!!  Never rains in the Texas oil patch!  Keep Smokin!  Happy New Year folks!


     I used to watch "Guy" too , but only if ID has no new shows    ...     Now it's Bio channel...

Have a safe and Prosperous New Year my friend and . . .

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