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Cooking my first brisket

Joined Dec 14, 2019
I'm using my trusty Masterbuilt chip smoker for this cook. 22 degrees. 1/4in trim of the fat cap. I will apply my rub and then let it rest for about 1hr. Plan to go 4-5hrs and then at that point wrap in butcher paper. Then let it go until 160-165. At that point I will pull it and rest it for around 2 hrs. I will mist it along the way. Does this sound like a good plan? Thanks


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I don't really think that's what you want. Brisket cooked the way most folks like it usually needs to reach 190+ to get pull apart tender. Typically you would wrap around 160, then start probing for tenderness when it hits 190. I've had them finish anywhere between 190 and 210. I also wouldn't bother misting - really not necessary and you risk slowing down the cook.

How big of a brisket do you have, and is it a flat or packer?


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Yea I agree with the others, your temps & timing are way off.
You didn’t say if you have a flat or a packer or how much it weighs.
You cook a brisket until it’s probe tender done, depending on if it’s a Select, Choice, or Prime. Or if your lucky enough to get Waygu. The higher priced cuts will cook faster. You will still need to take the IT to at least 190 & then start probing it with a probe or wooden skewer. It should slide in like room temp butter. A Wagyu should be done at around 190-195, but a Select may not be done until 205-210. Good luck!


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What everyone else said.

Plan on a heck of a lot more time than you thought.


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All true. One thing for sure, you'll get good experience cooking it. Then the next one will be easier, and the next one, etc. Let us know how it goes. We love pics of cooks.
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It's going to be choice packer but weight is unknown right now. Thanks for the information. I would have ruined and still might.


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Smoke it at 225-250º until the 165º mark then wrap. Start testing for doneness when the internal temp in the thickest part of the flat approaches 190º. Probe the flat in many places, it should feel like it's going into a jar of peanut butter. If not start a 30 minute cycle of retesting until it does. Once determined it's done (tender) remove from smoker, open the wrap and let the brisket rest on the counter for 20 minutes. This will insure the cooking has stopped. You can then rewrap and store in a cooler with towels until serving time. Suggest you place the wrapped brisket in a shallow aluminum pan or tightly wrap in foil so the juices do not leak out in the cooler.

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