Cooking a brisket.

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Dec 7, 2012
Just about to finish up a 6 lb brisket. Hickory wood at 225 with just a simple SPOG rub till IT was 150 then I put half a stick of butter and half a Guinness beer and wrapped in foil and back in. We are at 190 now. Gonna take it to 205 then rest it for a while. Will pull it tonight and then refrigerate till tomorrow when I will add some cheddar jack cheese and make empanadas as an app for a get together I have going on.

Not good with pics but will post the results after the party.
Sounds delicious...looking forward to seeing the qview!  

One suggestion I make with brisket is to slice and eat right after the rest. Pork roast, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, certainly cheese (for weeks) and bacon.... all seem to be great after some time overnight or even longer. But tender, juicy, beef brisket just seems to be magic after coming right out of its nap.
not thrilled with the current results. the brisket has a good smoke ring and good taste and flavor but the consistency was not fall apart. i had to pull it apart fairly hard. once apart it is ok but it isn't fall apart like a pork butt. and the point was just a jiggly mess, i had to chop the point would not pull at all. 

well i will make it anyway at this point. 
I'd be real surprised if it had a point, Drew. Never seen a 6 lb packer. I'm pretty sure you have a flat....unless someone trimmed the flat down to nothing and gave you both. But never seen that before either. As for the consistency.... are you sure you are at 205? What are you using to check temps?
i've got a leave in therm and a quick "pen" type and both read the same. and there was definitely a point, small but yes a point. i don't think it was trimmed cause the fat on the brisket looked like the larger ones (no clean knife cuts) looked very bumpy if you know what i mean. it looked like a normal packer i get just smaller. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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