Converting propane smoker

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Sep 6, 2006
Refugio, Texas
Just throwing this out there for y'all and maybe someone has done this or has been thinking it. Been thinking of getting a propane smoker and since at this time there is a old natural gas grill on the back porch was wondering if there is a easy way to convert the propane to natural gas. Maybe something like changing out the orfice without having to spend another $100 to get different burner?


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That was great to read, didn't know they would have something like that. I'll sure look next time i am there and if it's a good deal then i'm probably settle down and get me the gosm big block and convert. This way i am sure i will not run out of gas in the middle of a good smoke. Again thanks Debi

yea, old neighbor of mine did that for his grill......I would still have to run a gas line out to the back myself......freaking builder was too damn cheap to do it.....
This lowe's kit...would I be able to run my gas grill and smoker off of it, or would I have to buy a separate one for each appliance?
It would just be for one unit. The ones I have seen at Lowes are for the Jenn Aire grills. You most likely will need a kit made for your specific grill so the orfices will fit. If you are set up on propane the Nat Gas orfice will have a bigger hole. If you can't find the replacement ones you could probably drill out the LP orfice to get the size needed for Nat gas. You also would do away with the regulator that you use now as the Nat gas is regulated when it comes into your home.
Yes there is! I used to do that on my mobile brewery, i.e. switch from propane to NG and back as the location suited. If you go on line there are charts for the size of the orifice for the BTU rating of your burner. (the size varies with the BTU rating) All you do is drill out the orifice in the center of the brass gas fitting on your burner when going from propane to NG. (propane has more energy than NG so the hole is smaller) If you want to reverse it you just fill the orifice with solder (clean it well and use plenty of flux) and then re-drill it to the original size. One neat thing is NG is almost silent where as propane sounds like a jet engine. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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