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Conventional oven jerky Q

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by masonman1345, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I dont have a smokehouse just yet but am drawing up the plans now. I have heard that you can make beef jerky in the oven. My dad did it when i was a small child, but never gave me the recipe. Can anyone shed some light on it for me? Thank all of you.
  2. Bearcarver

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    LOL---Better get that from someone else. I tried it when I was in my 20s. I took it out of the oven, and I dropped a piece on the floor!

    It shattered in about 50 pieces!

    That was the end of that experiment!

    I would guess you would do nearly everything the same as with a smoker, but you would have to add "liquid smoke".

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  3. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic

    We used to do that all the time, you can put it on cooling racks on cookies sheets, the best way we found was to go to the hardware store and get a box or 2 of small S hooks, you can hook one end through the meat and hang it from the oven rack, have used these in the smokers also.

    Make sure you have some disposable oven liners or a silicone liner for the drips.

    you will want to set your oven to the lowest setting once the oven is loaded, and keep the oven door open to allow the heat and humidity out, We used a SS 1 Cup measuring cup to hold it open. This also allows the oven to cycle on and off keeping the heat steady.

    It will take several hours, depending on the thickness and moisture in the meat, we have done it over night, just be sure to check on it every hours or so after about 3-4 hours, once you learn how your oven works at doing this you can judge when to check it.

    I can tell you it is easier to head on down to your local mega mart and pick up a dehydrator, less messing around and easier to use, I like it better than a smoker even, more consistant results. JMO though
  4. johnvh

    johnvh Fire Starter

    Made a couple batches of duck jerky in the oven before I got a smoker, lay it on racks and bring it up to temp, then dry it out.