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Discussion in 'Pork' started by yankeerob, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. dacfan

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    those were fun to watch, thanks for sharing.
  2. mikey

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    They were fun to watch. I take exception to the "host" @ 6:43 into the first video says"after 3 hrs the pores of the meat are completely sealed". Is this guy for real?
  3. got14u

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    he might be around 140* at that point. butt not sure.....we will never know. thanks for the videos tho
  4. fired up

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    Thanks for posting.
  5. Mikey,

    I am taking a class in April being taught by Chris - the head cook for iQue and the one you see in the video doing all the work. I'll ask him about that. I believe that statement was unfounded as well. I think he was talking about smoke ring formation. Maybe a few beers and no sleep had something to do with that. ;-}

  6. ddave

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  7. alx

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    Thanks again YankeeRob.My sis talked with Myron Mixons partner at feb Mid Atlantic BBQ Association meeting and he stated the smoke PENETRATION stopped at 90 min to 3hr mark in thier opinion.After that you are adding smoke flavor to outside of meat.I have a log of about a dozen brisket smokes and with meat put on cold, everyone was above 140 degrees at these time periods, usualy under 90 minutes.Thanks for videos, i had not seen them.
  8. I wouldn't put a time limit on it. It's more like a temp thing. I read an Alton Brown like scientific discussion on it and it had something to do with nitrates in the smoke reacting to the meat. I've also read it is possible to create a faux smoke ring with no smoke at all using chemical nitrates like "tender quick".

    In the end certified judges are told to discard the smoke ring entirely. the score is a weighted score on Taste, Tenderness and Appearance. Appearance has the least count in the end as it should. Taste is first.

  9. burksmoke

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    Thanks for the post. That was interesting. I 'm wondering on the relative merits of brining vr.s injecting. Any thoughts?

  10. The injection is delivered throughout the meat. Brine only penetrates the surface. Injection is what is winning these days in the comps and I've seen this from many teams I respect highly so I'll stick with that.

  11. alx

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    I agree entirely.I figure meat is going through 140 range with smoke anyways.Yeah..that elusive taste for the judges.I use the tender quick for curing.Its pretty easy to tell on brisket because the faux smoke ring is usualy not uniform, more zig-zag.My sis is taking lotta bull class and he won K.C.B.S. 2005-6, and 6 this year--who knows, he might contradict everything we have tried.Back to Caps game.

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