College bound!

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Aug 5, 2018
So my son hit me up this week and said his fraternity decided to do a last minute "dad's weekend " this weekend. I put everything else I had going on, onto the back burner, found someone to work for on Sunday and told him I'm all in! So I set two butts out to thawed and yesterday morning they got baptized in rub, fire and smoke!
I figured the "brothers" of my son are basically my sons too, so I'm guessing surprising them with almost 20lbs of pulled pork should go over well!

Piggies starting out

Sweaty piggies



Tired piggies need to rest in the yeti

Piggies after their nap


Piggies after my wolverine claws!

Loading up the truck right after I finish typing this and heading out! Can't wait to spend some time with my son and his buddies and their dads!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Looks about it won't last long!
Thank you! It was probably the best ive ever made! Which Im grateful for lol
Looks like a winner BED, enjoy yourselves.

Point for sure
Thanks Chris!
Won't be around long! But bet will really appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

Thanks Ryan! Lol, It took a constant beating!
Looks good!

Did someone say “toga”?

Toga, toga, toga!!!!!

You might be put on double secret probation from the wife after this weekend.
Thanks! I crashed on a futon, so a night or two in the doghouse would be a step up lol!
No smashing guitars no matter how terrible it sounds. Have fun I bet they will love it.
Funny you said that! One of the fellas is self teaching himself on a electric guitar! It was cool though, he could pull some riffs from all sorts of classic rock! Zepplin, Hendrix, Nirvana etc!
Those'll be a big hit! Enjoy time with your son and party!
It was and we did! Im super glad we all got to do this!
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Looks great and sounds like a fun time, enjoy!
Thanks! It was fun!
Looks like a good meal for the boys. Enjoy the weekend!

Thanks Jim!
All the best to those boys! Hope its fun!!
We had a blast! Great bunch of men!
What son does not like when Dad comes baring gifts. Especially one that can be eaten.

Hope it was a fun weekend

It was a great weekend! The wife also packed up a care package of 3 doz eggs, cupcakes and peanut butter! Gotta keep up with that protein!
Some of my best memories was dad coming down to Columbus for dads day. He got to experience Papa Joes in its prime😎
Definitely a positive sign for a Fraternity and youth in general. Great news!!
It was great! I just wish a few more dads could make it and that some were a little more involved in their kids lives!
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We had a blast! I never once felt out of place and all of the boys were respectful, fun to be around and just down to earth, goal oriented young men!
The day started with dropping my stuff off and my son and I went to a local brewery to get some grub. Afterwards, we just hung out at the house talking for a couple hours, while waiting for the other dads to show up. This was really nice. We weren't rushed at all and could just enjoy ourselves catching up!
Then got to meet some other dads, played some pool and cornhole and basically just hung out! Many of the dads had to leave early, but had a great time! I was the last dad standing at 530 when I figured it was time for a nap!😁 (insert alpha dad status)🤣
There was one serving of pork left in the morning that I'm pretty sure my son was going to top with 3 eggs for his lunch!
Great time, great fellowship, great hard working young men with aspirations!
I felt honored and privileged to spend time with them!
Hell yeah that’s awesome! Brings back some memories. How many natty lights did you pound? Beer pong champ here.
LOL! We had a talk about natty light. I told them about back in the day we had to make a shift from Busch Light to nattys because the price jumped from 9.99 to 10.99 for a case of Busch and it wasnt in our budget!
Beer pong never came out, they were out of cups and i think something was mentioned about the table they used might have been broken last weekend......It was probably for the best! lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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