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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bones1948, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. I was able to harvest a couple of deer this year and am going to make some more Summer Sausage.

    I have make some in the past and with the help from the sausage makers on here it came out pretty good.

    I am currently reading the past threads on SS making and read that Boykjo likes to cold smoke his SS a

    couple of hours before applying the heat.  Could someone explain the reasoning for doing this?  I am trying

    to learn everything possible to come out with the best product.  Also when trying a new recipe how do you

    do a taste test without making a bunch of SS up and then not liking it?

  2. mr t 59874

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    Merry Christmas.

    Smoke will adhere to a cold product better than a warm one.  He is insuring that a good layer of smoke is on his product prior to adding heat.

  3. Do you just lay the SS in the smoker and let them sit for a couple of hours?

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    The sausage can be hung, if they are the correct casing for hanging, placed on wire racks, or what ever works for you...

    .. ..

    One highly regarded Forum suggests cold smoke penetrates deeper into the meat... Smoked generally below 80 deg. F....

    I have read your other posts and suggest you calibrate your therm, if you haven't done so, to avoid fat out... If the therm is correct, lower your smoker temps to 160 deg. F...
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  5. I am not having any problems with  fat outs especially since I changed from pork fat to pork butt.  I also changed the mounts of venison and pork butt to 75% venison to 25%  pork butt.  I was just curious as to why the cold smoking was being done.  the question was answered with the cold smoking allowing more smoke to enter the sausage.  Thanks for the reply.

  6. mr t 59874

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    Thanks Dave for the above.  This also is the reason some of us prefer the long cold smokes on fully cured belly bacons.

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    Time to install a mail box modification with a AMPS on a refrigerator..,I wonder how that would work..I'm just dreaming this up.

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