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Sep 2, 2021
Yes, I am new to cold smoking as my control unit has failed on my hot smoker and the new controller may be over a month before I receive it. After reading the forum it seems that I need to cold smoke steak etc. in a box starting at less than 45 deg. I live in Az and that is not likely. My normal smoker box is more like 70 + when I start to smoke. Am I still ok? The meat will be cold when it goes in. I will be going directly to the BBQ to finish cook but. I like my steak chared blood rare.
Thanks, Bill Hale in Southern AZ
You can try adding a tray of ice in the smoker to help hold the heat down, otherwise with a cold piece of steak cold smoking for maybe an hour or so? Then seared to desired doneness shouldn’t be a problem.
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If the meat surface is a lot colder than the smoker, youll get water/creosote condensation on the cut.
This'll make your food will taste like an ash tray.

Also, your smoker temperature needs to be warmer than the ambient. Otherwise the smoke will pool up inside instead of exhausting out the top vent. This'll make your food will taste like an ash tray.

Are you trying to just get some smoke flavor on your steak? Or are you actually wanting to cold smoke something like lox?
if your just looking for some smoke flavor to your meat i would just set your smoker around 100 and smoke for an hour then throw them on your hot grill for a minute or two on each side. i would also leave your steaks uncovered in the fridge for a while to help dry them before smoking. personally i leave mine on the counter for an hour before smoking or grilling not sure if this meets the smf saftey standards, so again this is my personal preference.
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Welcome aboard from another Southern AZ smoker.

As mentioned above, a tray of ice or you could fill a couple of 2 liter plastic bottles with water then freeze them and then place them in the smoker.

It will still be a challenge to keep the chamber temp low this time of year.
Heck, even in the dead of winter when I smoke cheese, it's a challenge to keep the chamber temp low using ice. But that is due to my smoker having a separate element for the chip tray.

I am assuming you're using an electric smoker.
In future, you migh want to consider using the mailbox mod for cold smoking.

Both smokerjim smokerjim and SmokinEdge SmokinEdge have you covered.
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