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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by duffman, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. My Dad really wants me to smoke some cheese for a party he attending in September. I usually smoke cheese in late fall and early spring. I figure id I did it over night the temps outside should be good. Any suggestions on what type of outdoor temps I should be watching for? We have been sitting in the low 70's over night lately but I see a few low 60's on the horizon. Would low to mid 60's be to hot over night?
  2. I have successfully smoked cheese in the low 80's.

    Here in south La. it is just too hot this time of year to even try it.
  3. atomicsmoke

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    What's your setup? Will there be heat generated with smoke?

    60s-70s is good for smoking cheese provided that no heat is added to the process.

    I smoked cheese two weeks ago in similar temps - I have a setup with the AMPNS 2ft away from the smoker.
  4. [​IMG]   I used yesterday todds dust unit and it only added 1 1/2 degrees to my smoker, so with more information we could have more help.

    Happy Smokin,

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    Dust is the best for cold smoking.  It raises the temp the least.
  6. I recently purchased a AMNPS which will burn both pellets or sawdust. I have not used it yet but intend to very soon as I have a couple lbs. of hickory sawdust and want to try it out. The average day high temps here in the mountainous region of northern PA this time of year are in the 80's but the nighttime temps can drop anywhere from the mid 60's or into the 50's. So I'm thinking if I smoke some cheese in my MES, I'm gonna wait til about 9-10 pm before I start. I also plan on placing at least one, maybe two frozen gallon milk jugs inside the unit to keep the temp even cooler and run my AMNPS with the hickory sawdust. The only thing that has me concerned is if it will stay lit during the 4-5?? hour period that I smoke the cheese.

    I've never smoked cheese, it's going to be trial and tribulation for me as well.

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  7. You are going to love smoking cheese @SMOKIN' BURT it is addictive.
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    For me, 4-5 hours of smoking cheese is too much smoke flavor.  You lose the flavor of the cheese.   I do 3 hours max.
  9. Well Sir...

    I may just try it your way the first time then and see how it comes out! Do you flip each block or chunk of cheese about halfway through the smoking process or just let it ride?


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    Typically I don't bother flipping the blocks but this last time, I kinda wish I did.  Since you're cold smoking, you not worried about losing heat when opening the door, so......why not?    You could also do half of the lot at 3 hours and the balance at your 5 hour mark.
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    Got any room in there for one or two of these??

    Filled 3/4 full, I keep a number of these in my freezer at all times. In this one I had Bacon above this.

  12. No doubt DUFFMAN... the roots of my love for smoked anything run deep! When I was a little kid, my Gramma, ( my Dad's Mom) was up there in years and she passed on when I was about 7. One particular memory I have of her was that she used to buy smoked Herring strips from the little town grocer where they lived back in the day. She used to keep one or two in her apron pocket while she was doing her household chores and she would break me off a little chunk now and then when I was there for a visit. I remember it being quite dry and VERY strong tasting of smoke and salt, but for some reason I liked it. I believe they were called "Kippered Herring" and that's probably what instilled my love for smoked things at an early age. 

  13. Well I did a few blocks of cheese last night in the MES 30 with a AMNPS and Cherry sawdust. Sorry no pics. I smoked a block each of Tomato Basil Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Colby, and Pepper Jack. At 9 pm the outside temp here was 62 so I cut each block into thirds and placed them on a rack evenly spaced. I loaded about 1-1/2 rows of the AMNPS with dust and after removing my chip tray and pulling the chip loader out partway to allow for more airflow, I fired up the dust and gave it 8-10 min to get a good smoke rolling then placed it in the space to the left of the heat element. I removed the other racks, set the water pan in and placed a frozen gallon jug of water in it then put the rack of cheese on the second slot down. Left the top vent open and put the probe of my Brinkman dial through one of the openings and left it there. I flipped the blocks of cheese at 1-1/2 hrs and still had good smoke so I gave it another 1-1/2 hrs. The temp (according to my Brinkman dial) was hovering around 52-54 degrees. The cheese came out great! Not a lot of color but not bad and I think it could have stood another hour in the smoke but I pulled it off, plated it and wrapped it with cling wrap to rest until vac seal sometime today.

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    Sounds like you did everything about right, SMB !!![​IMG]

    Be much better in a few weeks!!

  15. Thanks Bear...

    I saved out a chunk of each for us to eat now and vac sealed the rest for later. My Mrs. B-day is in two weeks so I'll bust some out then and we'll can enjoy it with a bottle of her favorite wine!

  16. bearcarver

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    Exactly what I would do!!

    I always eat (Sample) a little first----Just because it will get even better in a few weeks doesn't mean you aren't allowed to eat any before that.  That would be Stupid!!

    2 weeks will be Awesome!!

  17. Hey Bear,

    I see you're from Macungie. I used run around your neck o' the woods from time to time. I have friends in a number of those little burgs in upper Bucks Co. and my son attended Kutztown 4 yrs. so I know where your at brother!

  18. bearcarver

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    Yup----We've only been here for about 12 years. Originally from Richlandtown, and Graduated from Quakertown High School, back in '66 (50th Class Reunion next year!!)

    Where you at in Northeast PA??----I did a lot of Hunting & Fishing up there for a lot of years!!

    Your Son was a Cow-Tipper???[​IMG]

  19. Bear...

    I sent you a PM...


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